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Speed up the delivery of orders with a printer that lets you print and load media simultaneously. Target new applications with quality results on virtually any rigid and flexible media.1 Rely on a dependable, robust device that fits your workspace.

Creatively print on both rigid and flexible materials1 with an HP Scitex printer that is fast and efficient, enabling high-volume productivity.


Turn orders around fast with an efficient workflow

Deliver jobs quickly with an efficient workflow that lets you load, print, and collect media simultaneously.

Load up to 4 sheets of media fast with the help of automated features. No masking is required.

Reduce interruptions—no daily printhead maintenance2; remote monitoring with the HP Embedded Web Server.

Choose the right speed and quality to meet each customer requirement.

Offer new applications and grow your business

Wow your clients with incredible image quality—up to 1200 x 600 optimized dpi—and outdoor display permanence.

Show clients what's possible. Do more with white ink,8 double-sided prints, matte/gloss, and full bleeds.

Print directly on virtually any rigid or flexible material1—even on corrugated plastic with good ink adhesion. Outdoor prints achieve display permanence of approximately 2 years unlaminated.7

Say yes to just about any request—even when asked to print on thick, heavy, and long9 materials.

A perfect fit for your business and shop space

Print on virtually any rigid or flexible substrate1 from a single device.

Optimize your print shop space with folding tables that store easily when the printer is not in use.

Rely on a robust design—including sturdy media advance system, onboard camera, and HP Print Care.

The HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer makes it easier than ever to use white ink.8



1 Flexible media printing with an optional HP Scitex FB500 Roll-to-Roll Upgrade Kit. Printing performance may vary depending on media.

2 The printer employs fully automatic printhead testing and maintenance systems.

3 For light colored media.

4 With the exception of the optional HP FB251 2-liter White Scitex Ink Cartridge.

5 This speed reflects Express print mode, the highest print speed for outdoor signage to be viewed from very long distances.

6 4-color plus white when printer contains white ink. White ink can be added or removed easily through an automated process. To use white ink functionality, the optional HP FB500 White Ink Upgrade Kit is required.

7 Image permanence estimate by HP Image Permanence Lab. Display permanence tested August 2010 according to SAE J2527 using HP FB250 and FB251 Scitex Inks on a range of rigid media with up to 4 years display permanence achieved using color inks on HP Permanent Gloss Adhesive Vinyl; in a vertical display orientation in simulated nominal outdoor display conditions for select high and low climates, including exposure to direct sunlight and water; performance varies based on the color/white ink overlay combination; in addition performance may vary as environmental conditions change. For the other commercially-available media tested: actual results may vary, this information is provided for reference purposes only. For more information, see http://www.hp.com/go/supplies/printpermanence.

8 Use of white ink requires a separate purchase of the HP Scitex FB500 White Ink Upgrade Kit.

9 HP Scitex FB500 Extension Tables are required for long materials.

10 The onboard camera detects misfiring nozzles. The printer then uses algorithms to compensate by substituting in working ones, in order to maintain quality without reducing speed. Not all misfiring nozzles can be compensated.

Print modes

Express: Up to 37 m²/hr (398 ft²/hr)

Outdoor Signage: Up to 29.6 m²/hr (319 ft²/hr)

Indoor Signage: Up to 16.4 m²/hr (177 ft²/hr)

Photo: Up to 8.6 m²/hr (93 ft²/hr)

White ink printing overcoat

or undercoat

Outdoor Signage Plus: Up to 7.9 m²/hr (85 ft²/hr)

Indoor Signage: Up to 7 m²/hr (75 ft2/hr)

Photo: Up to 3.6 m²/h (39 ft2/hr)

Print resolution

Up to 1200 x 600 dpi


Piezoelectric inkjet, UV-curable inks

Ink types

UV-curable, pigment-based ink

Ink cartridge


Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta,

white (optional)

Ink cartridge size

3 liter (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light

magenta) / 2 liter (white)


Handling Flatbed, sheet feed, and roll feed with

optional HP Scitex FB500 Roll-to-Roll

Upgrade Kit. Vacuum belt media drive for

easy loading and accurate media advance

Rigid media


Standard input and output tables support

rigid materials up to 122 x 163 cm (48 x 64

in). The optional HP Scitex FB500 Extension

Tables support rigid materials up to 305 x 163

cm (120 X 64 in).

Maximum sheet weight 68kg/150 lb




Optional HP Scitex FB500 Roll-to-Roll

Upgrade Kit supports flexible media up to 163

cm (64 in) wide, with a roll diameter of up to

23 cm (9 in), up to 81 kg (180 lb) in weight

Thickness Up to 64 mm (2.5 in)




Fast Ethernet (100 Base-T) with TCP/IP

protocol and DHCP support

UV energy source

Dual shuttered UV lamps. Independent user-selectable

control of shutter aperture and of three lamp power levels


(w x d x h) Printer

Printer: 325 x 142 x 152 cm (128 x 56 x 60 in)

Printer with standard tables: 325 x 282 x 152 cm

(128 x 111 x 60 in)

Shipping: 363 x 170 x 183 cm (143 x 67 x 72 in)


Printer: 719 kg (1586 lb)

Printer with tables: 789 kg (1739 lb)

Shipping: 1050 kg (2315 lb)

What’s in the box

HP Scitex FB500 Industrial Printer; standard input and

output tables; HP webcam with 5 m (16 ft) USB cable;

cleaning kit; user documentation; site preparation guide;

power cord; auxiliary power supply; installation kit



Temperature: 20 to 30°C (68 to 85°F)

Relative Humidity: 20-80%, non-condensing (with

synthetic media 40% min recommended to avoid

static electricity; with paper-based media 60% max

recommended to avoid buckling)


Maximum 2500 watts. Printing 1219 watts

Requirements Input voltage: 200 to 240 VAC, singlephase,

50/60 Hz, 12 A max


Safety CE, UL, c-UL

Electromagnetic CISPR-A, FCC-A, MIC

Environmental RoHS, WEEE


One-year limited warranty

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