Océ VarioPrint 6250 Ultra+ Inquire!


Unique Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology

Ultra high speed duplex printing 

250 A4 images per minute

Field upgradeable speed

Up to 350 x 500 mm media

Near-perfect front to back registration

Offset-like quality with impressive image resolution

Non-stop production for up to four hours

Intuitive Graphical User Interface


Unique Feature





Expandable High Production system

Based on current and future needs.


  • Add optional hardware as volumes and needs grow. 
  • Increase printing speeds, on the same engine, just with a licence upgrade, all done on-site. 
  • Choose from the models that can do from 500,000 up to 10 million prints per month. 
  • Wider options to connect with 3rd Party Finishing. 




Océ Gemini Technology™ 


  • The only One-Pass (instant) Duplex Printing system i.e. Printing both sides of the sheet in a single pass. 
  • 100% guaranteed Front-Back registration. 
  • Virtually no paper jams. 
  • Use of ‘light weight’ media, even at high speeds.  
  • No paper ‘stretches’ due to heat.           




Océ CopyPress™ Technology. 


  • Toner particles are pressed into the fibers of the paper, to provide secure images. 
  • No Toner pollution or flying particles. 
  • Offset quality – Look & Feel. 
  • No Toner wastage. 
  • No Fuser oil. No Developer. 
  • Very low fusing temperature required : 90°C - 110°C 




Océ Air Separation & Vacuum feed from all paper trays.


  • Similar to the paper feeding with Offset Printing Press.
  • Virtually eliminates double-feeds & paper jams.




Direct USB Printing


  • Added convenience to printing.
  • Retain confidentiality for secure printing.
  • No loss of speed even on a wide range of media. 




Intuitive User Control Panel.


  • Large 15” Color Touch screen panel.
  • Job Scheduler, Media catalogue helps job planning.
  • Display of each print job status with job-finish time.
  • Manage Queue of jobs, Recall jobs etc.
  • Even allows to open paper trays, by a touch.




Cold paper path for pre-printed media / sheets.


  • Protects the already printed surface.




Roll-feed connection (optional).


  • Provides extra 60,000 sheets (80gsm) Input capacity. 
  • Suited for long high production runs. 




Constant printing speed – regardless of media weight.


  • All weights printed at full rated engine speed. 
  • No slowing down or stops. 




Océ Paper Logic™.


  • Automatic detection of paper size and feed direction orientation. 




Paper Input Module – A1

(One standard with system)


  • Load any paper Size, to any paper tray.
  • Load any paper Weight, to any paper tray.
  • Load paper trays, during printing. 
  • Configure up to 3 PIMs. 




High Capacity Stacker (iHCS)


  • 2 x 3,000 sheet stacks, in a single HCS.
  • Unload printed sheets, while printing.
  • Configure up to 3 iHCSs.
  • Provides connectivity to 3rd Party finishing solutions.
  • Highly accurate stacking.
  • Configure up to 3 iHCSs.




Supports wide range of media types and weights


  • 50 – 300 gsm.
  • Structured / Textured media (approved media)
  • NCR papers (approved media)




Temporary Speed Licence (TSL)


  • TSL available from 171 ipm upto 314 ipm.
  • Flexibility to accommodate peak print volumes.
  • Easy way to optimize usage for one-time bulk job.




Océ ScreenPoint™ Technology 


  • Automatic conversion of color values to the highest possible Gray scale levels, equalling to Offset quality.




Océ ‘Green Environment’ advantage 


  • No Ozone emission.
  • No heat emission.
  • Virtually silent operation.
  • No Toner wastages / disposals.
  • Lowest fusing temperature - 90°C - 110°C.
  • Use of only 1 high voltage corona unit.
  • No Toner pollution or flying particles.
  • Recyclability of parts – steel made.
  • RoHS compliant.

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