PRISMAsync controllers Inquire!


Single point of control with an intuitive, central user interface

Common workflow for both color and B/W printing systems

Fully integrated digital front end provides intuitive production management

Clear task splitting between prepress and print production workflow for logical and structured way of working

Total production control with industry-unique multiple-job schedule and proactive warning alerts gives you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted plan-ahead production

Synchronized media management throughout the print process ensures first time right output

Full integration with PRISMAsoftware such as Océ PRISMAprepare for a streamlined workflow from start to finish

High quality color production for everyone thanks to easy-to-use color pre-sets (for color production printers only)

Advanced editing options on job and page level enable proof then print and last minute corrections without the need to go back to prepress

Detailed Features

Common workflow leads to fewer errors and less waste

Océ PRISMAsync controllers drive cutsheet production systems using a common, media-based workflow. Thanks to the integrated media catalog, there is no need to worry about documents printing with the right settings on the right paper. At the same time, color preset templates ensure that recurringjobs always use the right color settings. This significantly reduces misprints due to wrong paper usage or color settings.

What’s more, optional Océ PRISMAprepare software offers onscreen previewing when programming the most complex documents. Previews represent precisely what is printed, thus eliminating hard copy proofing.. And it goes without saying that Océ PRISMAprepare software and Océ PRISMAsync controllers use the same media catalog concept.

This all adds up to savings in paper, time and money which are good for business and the environment.

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