High Definition Toner

High Definition Toner

Enjoy with OKI High Definition print quality on ordinary office paper. Developed in conjunction with our printer technology, our microfine High Definition Toner ensures documents are printed in superior print quality. Documents are sharper, crisper and glossier, even on ordinary office paper.

Microfine High Definition Toner - The 4 Key Advantages:

  1. Unique toner formula dramatically enhances print quality.
  2. High definition, soft gloss finish, even on ordinary office paper.
  3. Provides highly detailed images, clear text and rich colour.
  4. Consistently high quality - time after time.

Toner plays a major part in producing high quality output images and text. The unique formula of our microfine High Definition Toner ensures exceptional results - helping to maintain the rich colour depth that is a trademark of all colour printers from OKI. Fine lines and small text are faithfully reproduced, thanks to the combination of the toner and our innovative High Definition LED printheads. Images and graphics stand out with a soft gloss look and feel, even on ordinary office paper. All of which ensures a professional look to your documents.

The way it works 
Our latest colour printers use a new toner formulation engineered to enhance print quality dramatically. Compared to conventional crushed toner, microfine toner has smaller particles - 5 or 6 micron size instead of 8+ microns - as well as a more regular, rounded shape. This size and shape maintains a uniform electrical charge, which is critical in the electrophotographic process.

The High Definition LED printheads within our printers delivers the accuracy in placing toner on the page, whilst the toner itself assists in reproducing fine line art and small details at high speed. The result is greater dot stability and more precise toner placement, less graininess and finer detail, a cleaner background and a high-quality gloss finish even on ordinary office paper. The toner is finely tuned to our imaging technology and the two together will ensure consistent high quality print over the life of the machine.

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