Océ Direct scan

Océ Direct scan

With Océ Direct Scan technology, the outstanding image quality is ensured by a single high-resolution 600 dpi color CCD camera and specially developed high quality lens. Moreover, the reliability of the optical system lies in its single mirror, single camera concept reducing the number of moving parts to a minimum and therefore the number of required calibrations.


Color consistency and sharpness
Achieved by single high resolution 600dpi color CCD camera and the specially developed high quality lens. In addition the lamp offers an exceptional color spectrum and a highly stable light intensity over long periods of operation.

Reduced number of required calibrations

Increased long-term quality of scanned image
Achieved through innovative light source which has no adverse effect from frequent switching cycles. In addition there is only a minimal color shift throughout the lamp cycle.

Eliminating risks of distortion
Through the use of a single mirror

How the technology works

After loading into the scan engine, the original is automatically and accurately measured.

Glass plate keeps out dust 

A glass plate keeps dust, other objects or curled originals out of the scan engine while the original is transported through it.

Lamp ensures consistently accurate colors over long periods of operation
The original is illuminated. The lamp uses the latest lighting technology. The high color spectrum ensures for a maximum color accuracy and the stable brightness keeps quality consistantly. All within seconds, no warming-up even for color scanning.

Reflector redirects light beams, avoiding shadows 

Together with the lamp position, the reflector focuses light directly on the original eliminating shadows around the scanned information. This effect can be particularly visible when copying transparent originals.

Single mirror eliminates risk of distortion
Reducing the height of the scan engine to an ergonomic size, the image of the original is reflected onto a high-precision mirror. Unlike conventional technologies with multiple mirrors, the unique single mirror eliminates distortion and increases long-term rubustness.

Single high-resolution camera ensures consistent colors and high sharpness
The image is captured by a single high-resolution color camera consisting of a high quality multi-element lens and a 3-color linear CCD. This ensures that the image is always sharply focused without distortion. The CCD allows a true resolution of 600 dpi to be reached with high image quality. Unlike conventional technologies using multiple image sensors, this CCD is unique in eliminating the need for frequent calibrations and increasing the long-term quality of scanned images. 
The captured image is now ready for processing. And that’s where Océ Color Image Logic takes over.

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