Gemini Instant Duplex

Gemini Instant Duplex

Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology presses toner images onto both sides of the paper simultaneously – resulting in greater productivity, the highest registration accuracy and lower costs while realizing offset-like print quality.


High Speed, increased performance and lower costs due to simultaneous double-sided printing:Each sheet fed and printed once instead of twice raising the speed and efficiency and cutting down costs;

Less paper jams due to simultaneous double-sided printingy:

Each sheet has to be preheated and fed through the printer once only

Use of Océ Copy Press technology

Perfect print quality

Each printed side of the sheet perfectly aligned due to simultaneous double-sided printing

Ensures nearly 100% registration and offset quality through actually pressing the print image onto both sides of the sheet simultaneously fusing the toner without waste or dust

Environmental friendlier due to: Use of Océ Copy Press technology resulting in:

Virtually no ozone emissions through the use of a single corona unit;

Pleasant operating environment to work in because ow lowest sound pressure, heat emission and energy use.

How the technology works

The Océ Gemini Instant Duplex system consists of the following unique components: 

On the Organic Photo Conducter Belt a very sharp and accurate latent image is created

The toner image is transferred to the Transfer-Transfer-fuser belt (TTF-belt)

The Toner Transfer Fusing technology presses toner with direct pressure into the paper; both front and back side at the same time

A perfect print- sheet is printed simultaneously on both sides.


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